Does your 360 or other feedback differ to your self-perception?Are you looking for insight into your inherent talents, behaviours and preferences to help you make study or career choices?Do you want clarity on your leadership brand?Would it help to be more confident in articulating your strengths and the unique value you bring to a promotion opportunity?Are you feeling apprehensive about the psychometric assessment stage in a selection process?Would your team’s performance benefit from understanding more about themselves and each other?

PSYCHOMETRICS: Coaching and delivery

Psychometric assessments have a range of applications and can be used alongside the coaching process or as a stand-alone activity. During our introductory discussion we can determine whether their use would help you achieve your goal.

Delivering psychometric assessments

If you are looking to make initial career decisions, I use the Morrisby Profiling Tool. You may be in education and looking for direction on study choices. You may be concluding your studies and have no idea what you want to do, preferring a psychometric approach to informing your choices.

The Morrisby Profiling Tool provides behavioural and ability insights with personalised career path suggestions as well guidance on the differing working arrangements and environments that may be best suited. You will benefit from life-long access to their database which contains information on different careers and the paths to achieve your goals, including the required qualifications.

For Leadership clients I am accredited to deliver MBTI®, NEO™ and Strengthscope assessments. Each assessment provides differing personal insights and our discussion will determine the appropriate one to meet your needs.

If you have a specific requirement, I can make recommendations. I partner with reputable organisations and work with established and reliable assessments.

Coaching on Psychometrics

I coach clients through the psychometric stage of a selection process. Practice will make a difference to your performance on the day.

I provide practice assessments which can be undertaken alone or together. We review your experience and I can suggest supporting activities to help improve your skills. For example, if you are not comfortable extrapolating information from numerical data, reviewing ONS statistical tables and summaries may help with this. For support in situational judgement tests and case studies, I translate the employer’s culture and role requirements into tangible factors and create practice questions in line with these.

Ethical Standards

I am qualified to deliver personality and ability psychometric assessments and am on the British Psychological Society’s Register of Qualified Test Users. I adhere to the BPS Code of Ethics and your well-being is my priority. I will thoroughly evaluate your requirements and on completion of an assessment you will receive a detailed and meaningful debrief in line with your objectives.

Having an experienced and skilful coach creates a self-awareness that empowers you to make the right decisions.

Our work together will help you achieve your goals in the most fulfilling and authentic way.

Get in touch to explore how coaching can support you and your career. I’ll be delighted to help.

"I was looking to change career direction and find something that truly interested me and didn’t know where to start. After discussion with Janice we used the strengths assessment, and this reminded me of skills and interests I had forgotten about as well as showing me other strengths I wasn’t aware I had. We talked through the times when I had used those strengths and it was clear that they came naturally to me. What made a real difference was having a safe place to open up and discuss my personal motivations. I have anxiety and Janice’s listening and encouragement really helped put me at ease and feel more comfortable about starting to think about making a big change in my life."