Do you need help writing your personal statement for a Degree or Master’s?      Are you leaving education and have no idea which job you would enjoy?Are you uncertain of the A’ Level or Degree choices to make?Have you started your career and are not enjoying your current role? Are you clear on your chosen career yet need help preparing for the selection process?Are you feeling apprehensive about starting work and would benefit from mentoring support? 


I can help you find a fulfilling and enjoyable career, whether you are ready to start now or are planning for the longer-term. I can support you through your journey, from career decision-making to securing your chosen role.

Career planning during secondary education can help with your study decisions and guide your subject choices for A’ Levels, University or Apprenticeships. It can create a motivational focus: you know what you are working towards and why. It helps you target your extra-curricular activities to prepare for your future and create a compelling account of your motivation and suitability for university and employment applications.

As a graduate or leaving secondary education, identifying the right career opportunity means you can focus your search on those you know will fulfil you. It gives you the confidence to clearly articulate your suitability and motivation for a role. It creates consistency for your CV and cover letters in knowing the unique value you offer.

If you have started your career and are not enjoying it, career coaching can help you understand your experience and use this insight as well as others to help you make the right decision.

I offer a range of supporting services to help you achieve your goal. I can help with the production of personal statements for university applications and can coach you through any or all stages of a selection process, including help with the preparation of your CV and cover letters. I also offer mentoring to support you through your initial employment experience and build your confidence as you adjust to your new environment.

Study decisions

For help with study decisions I use the Morrisby Profiling Tool which is widely recognised by education providers. It provides personalised career suggestions based on a range of insights which include your personality, aptitudes, interests, aspirations, values and learning styles. Morrisby provide lifetime access to their database which contains comprehensive information on study pathways, apprenticeships and a range of careers to help you make informed decisions.

I provide a full debrief on the Morrisby report and include an exploration of additional factors which may influence your study or career choices. I am DBS checked at an Enhanced Level.

University applications

I provide support in writing personal statements. Universities vary in the mix of students they attract, sometimes varying entry requirements if they like what you bring to the course.

Following an exploratory discussion, I research the course requirements and the university’s culture to understand what they are looking for from their students. I use insights from our discussion and my research to help your personal statement reflect the best of what you have to offer whilst positively framing aspects you may not be so confident about. I ensure that your personal statement is one you feel comfortable with and captures attention. I also offer interview coaching for your university interview.

Identifying the right Career opportunity

In my career coaching I use thought-provoking exercises and discussion to help you identify what you are good at, what interests you and what you enjoy, as well as your aspirations and what is important to you. We also explore how you prefer to work, your transferable skills and experience, personal achievements, and anything you feel may be holding you back from achieving your potential. Creating this holistic understanding builds confidence and provides you with a strong foundation on which to make the right career decisions

Based on these insights we explore potential career options as well as an organisation’s working environment to help you make the right choice. We will then look at potential routes to achieve your chosen career, identifying ways to overcome obstacles and creating new opportunities to help you get there. We conclude by constructing a clear action plan to turn your ideal career into a reality.


Mentoring is an interactive experience which facilitates your learning and helps develop your skills, knowledge and performance. We create a structured mentoring plan which reflects the path to achieving yours and your organisation’s objectives and measures of success. We meet regularly to review your experience and achievements as well as focus on the immediate opportunities to create actions that help you overcome anticipated challenges.

Having an experienced and skilful coach creates a self-awareness that empowers you to make the right decisions.

Our work together will help you achieve your goals in the most fulfilling and authentic way.

Get in touch to explore how coaching can support you and your career. I’ll be delighted to help.

I have received an offer for my dream master’s course! I cannot believe I got in as it is such a prestigious course in a Russell Group University! I owe you so much for all your help as I could not have done it without you! For my personal statement and also for my CV which I uploaded too, I even had an interview for the course and that coaching helped. I most certainly would not have had the confidence to try for this course without your help with the tools I needed. I can’t thank you enough!
Graduate Coaching