Why am I a Career Coach?

Coaching throughout my career has helped me make the right professional and personal decisions. Early in my career, coaching helped me identify my strengths and interests to find an aligned path in HR; a contrast to the Technical Sales role I had fallen into after education.

As my career progressed, coaching contributed to my personal growth and gave me a deeper understanding of myself and what is important to me. Those insights gave me the confidence to embark on a new path in the knowledge it was the right time to leave my corporate career and channel my experience and skills in a more fulfilling way.

I now specialise in coaching Leaders and those preparing for or in the early stages of their career. I know the difference coaching has made to the enjoyment of my career and I am motivated to help others experience the same.

My Experience

I bring twenty-five years of HR and people experience to my coaching. During that time I held strategic leadership roles, managed international teams and led global stakeholders through critical projects. A career in the software sector means I understand the challenges that working with risk, change and ambiguity can bring.

I have strong commercial insight from partnering with business leaders and their teams across functions as diverse as Development and Sales, working with each of their differing cultures and operational challenges.

I have coached Leaders to develop their self-awareness and help them make the right decisions, be this taking their career to the next level or helping them navigate through personal workplace challenges. I’ve acted as a Trusted Advisor as they made and implemented difficult decisions in their organisations, offering expert guidance and supporting them through change.

I have coached school leavers and graduates to help them make the right career choice and guided them through the selection process to ensure they confidently and consistently present their suitability and motivation for the role.

I have managed graduate recruitment programmes and recruited for many roles across the organisation. I have a finely tuned insight on how to make the right impression at an interview, whether it’s for your first role or your next leadership one.

My Career Coaching

We are all different: our talents; our motivations; our values; our experiences, all of which influence the way we engage with our world. We don’t change who we are when we step into our working day.

My coaching creates new insights to help you look at you and your world in a different way, giving you the clarity and confidence to make the right decisions for your future.

My experience of people brings an intuitive sense. This complements my coaching skills and facilitates creation of new perspectives through careful listening; both to what is and isn’t being said. I read the subtle clues and know the thought-provoking questions which will open up your thinking, and when you need time to do that.

I provide meaningful avenues for exploration from my intuitive reflections and help you find the clarity to make decisions which are right for you and your future.

You will also benefit from coaching which is informed by specialist and professional knowledge. I have a MSc Career Management and Coaching, BSc Psychology and a MA Employment Law. I am on the CDI Register of Career Development Professionals, a Chartered member of the CIPD and a Graduate member of the BPS.

Your career is an integral part of your life, it’s important to remember that you’re at the heart of it.

Having an experienced and skilful coach creates a self-awareness that empowers you to make the right decisions.

Our work together will help you achieve your goals in the most fulfilling and authentic way.

Get in touch to explore how coaching can support you and your career. I’ll be delighted to help.

You may be looking for career coaching support. There are a number of ways we can work together and I look forward to exploring the possibilities with you.
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"I can thoroughly recommend Janice as a Coach. During a difficult period with my employer she helped me unravel the jumble of my emotions and enabled me to identify the plan that was needed to change my situation. She has a knack of helping you understand your reactions and enabling you to recognise your strengths. I have since left my previous role and embarked on a new career where I feel valued."