Are you struggling with employer research or writing a cover letter? Would you like help translating your experience into marketable skills? Are you challenged by competency-based or situational judgement interview questions? Would you benefit from coaching for an assessment centre?Are you reaching the final stages of interviews and not being offered the role? Would you benefit from help in structuring a presentation or video submission for an application?


I am an experienced interviewer, having recruited for a range of roles at different levels and managed Graduate Recruitment programmes.  My years of working with employees have given me a sense of the subtle indicators which determine a person’s suitability for a role.  I know how to make the right impression on an employer, starting with your CV and LinkedIn profile through to interview and assessment centre performance. 

I have coached clients through the job search and selection process for organisations across multiple sectors and have a good understanding of different company cultures and contemporary selection practices. 

Creating a message with impact

An inconsistent message creates doubt, whether it’s an application for university or employment. To help make a consistent impression it’s important to be clear on your unique qualities, skills and motivations in your personal statement, CV, cover letter and interview answers. I can help you achieve this.

Equally important is understanding the reality of a role’s requirements which are not always clear. I am experienced in translating competences and organisational culture into examples of skills and behaviours that make sense in your world. This helps you create insightful and tailored applications which promote the unique value you bring in a way that’s meaningful for the employer

Assessment Centre Coaching

Preparation for an assessment centre enables you to demonstrate the qualities an organisation is looking for and increase the likelihood of an offer. My coaching will take you through the assessment criteria and the behaviours required to meet them. I will help you participate effectively in group exercises and create the right impression throughout the day. We will explore any concerns you have or factors which may impact your performance and create strategies to help you deliver your best.

Interview Coaching

The structure will vary with your requirements and will typically involve face to face or video interview practice. If you are preparing for a specific opportunity, I will use the job description and company information to tailor the interview accordingly. I provide feedback on your answers, style and body language. What you communicate unintentionally through facial expression, the way you talk and the use of other body language has the power to undermine the messages you want a potential employer to receive.

I offer bespoke services to fit your needs and can coach you through all or any stage of your job search journey.

Having an experienced and skilful coach creates a self-awareness that empowers you to make the right decisions.

Our work together will help you achieve your goals in the most fulfilling and authentic way.

Get in touch to explore how coaching can support you and your career. I’ll be delighted to help.

""I had been trying to secure a training contract with a law firm for 3 years without any success. I had all the potential, outstanding grades and a plethora of excellent legal and non-legal work experience. This would mean that I would always sail through the initial application process. However, I would always fail at the interview stage. Janice helped me package all my potential into a way that would demonstrate to employers my excellent qualities. This made all the difference. Without Janice's help, I would not have been offered a training contract from a global elite law firm and would not be able to embark upon my dream career as a lawyer."