Are you in a new role and finding it more of a challenge than you thought? Would mentoring help? Are you looking for your next opportunity and want to be clear on the unique value you bring?Do you need help identifying your leadership style and brand?Are you feeling overwhelmed at work or having to compromise your personal priorities?Is a lack of confidence holding you back?Are you looking for a pragmatic HR perspective on a workplace situation?

Leadership Coaching

Whether you’re a first line Manager, Head of Function or an influential Specialist, you’re a Leader. It’s a stimulating and all-consuming experience that brings its rewards as well as frustrations. Misaligned objectives can create conflict. Headcount reductions can impede service delivery. An under-performing employee is stressful for you and your team. How do you feel at the end of a day?

Forced compromises are often the norm and your feelings an unwelcome distraction. Your professional integrity ensures you deliver but that can come at a price. Are you ignoring the reality of needing a new challenge or the discomfort of working in a way that doesn’t feel natural? Do you inherently know that something needs to change?

I provide a safe place to be yourself and take a step back from your career; to evaluate what’s going on, how it’s making you feel and identifying what you want to change. I help you develop your self-awareness and find the clarity you need to make the right decisions for you and your future.

You will benefit from my personal experience in leadership roles and an understanding of organisational behaviour. My intuitive sense and coaching skills enable you to see beyond your current perception. I know the thought-provoking questions to open-up your thinking and my intuitive reflections create further avenues for exploration.

My bespoke coaching has helped Leaders grow in many ways, such as acknowledging their readiness for a career move and developing their leadership style or coaching to navigate political management structures and working through frustrations with other workplace challenges.

If you know something needs to change then coaching can make a difference, whether you are ready for your next career move or would like to create a more fulfilling career experience.



Your continuous development is important; you value the experience of others in contributing to your success. You have a strong professional network and use it wisely. Sometimes however you know when you would benefit from something more than your network can give you.

A mentor can help you develop certain skills and knowledge as you navigate a new experience, or act as a trusted advisor to inform your personal or workplace decisions.

Maybe people management is new to you after building your career in a stand-alone role. You may have a new manager whose style is very different to yours. Maybe you do not wish to alert your organisation to the fact you may be leaving but want to understand your contract and how best to secure your bonus.

Having a mentor who is also an experienced coach means you benefit from more than professional expertise and judgement. You will be working with someone who understands people and whose intuitive skills will enable exploration of your personal experience as well as your professional development.

HR Trusted Advisor

Those who ask for my help as a trusted advisor value my pragmatic approach and knowledge. My HR career has provided me with an insightful understanding of company practice and workplace behaviours. My experience of dealing with a range of complex employee relations matters at all levels and a thorough understanding of employment law means I provide expert guidance that you can trust.

Having an experienced and skilful coach creates a self-awareness that empowers you to make the right decisions.

Our work together will help you achieve your goals in the most fulfilling and authentic way.

Get in touch to explore how coaching can support you and your career. I’ll be delighted to help.

"Janice is an extraordinary leadership coach and her guidance has been invaluable to my career. I engaged Janice to be my coach when I was transitioning from junior frontline management to middle operational management. At the time the hardest challenge was ‘getting the team to play ball’. Their resistance felt like resentment for me personally. Janice helped me to learn about my personality and how it interacted with other personality types. She helped me identify ways that I could engage or work around difficult situations. It’s an amazing process and Janice is very good at it. I am now a senior leader and I am grateful for Janice’s guidance over the last five years. Her guidance is still invaluable for my professional growth."
Leadership Coaching